Activities of Gamota JR.

We build and develop the future of Slovak agriculture without genetically modified foods.
Responsible to nature, responsible to yourself.

Gamota JR. s.r.o. is a subsidiary of Gamota group, active in the fields of agriculture, forestry, fish farming and also foreign trade. Our main activity is the production of soybean oil and soybean expeller.

Mr. Antal Zsigo founded the company Gamota in 2011. The small family company initially purchased agricultural products and exported them, integrated of small companies with input products (like fertilizers, chemicals ect.) and with services such as fertilization, soil cultivation or harvesting.

As the company has advanced rapidly, we have decided to invest in it’s further development. Thanks to continuous growth and good managerial decisions, today we have the potential to contribute to the development and future of the Slovak agricultural industry.

That’s why we have decided to focus our activity in another direction – soybean cultivation. We place great emphasis on Non-GMO policy. Based on our rich experience we are working to spread our conviction and philosophy all over Slovakia.

The production of premium GMO free virgin soybean oil (GamoSoy) and the GMO free soybean expeller (SoyProFat) already emerge from our activities.

Our company act in the following areas:

  • Agriculture
  • Forestry
  • Grain Storage
  • Walnut cultivation
  • Production of feed premixes
  • Cultivation of freshwater fish

Soya processing plant – Malé Straceny

The locations of our operations

Members of the Gamota Group

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